“Brett, I really enjoyed experimenting with your putters last week at Holston Hills Country Club. Your concept of three hosels with one head is very good, and all the hosel/head combinations have very good feel and a solid strike. I would certainly recommend that golfers try your product! Regards.”

John Wylie
PGA Professional Emeritus
Holston Hills Country Club
Knoxville, TN (Nov. 2012)

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“I am back playing golf after a 20-year hiatus and, honestly, since my first rounds this year I have never enjoyed putting so much now that I have been using your BG-1 putter. I have been honing my stroke and with the assistance of your design I am starting to sink some fairly impressive putts for someone at my skill level. It is so eloquently balanced and so well designed that it is a unique experience when using it. I truly appreciated the time you have taken to make sure it was the correct hosel and the correct length for my height. Much success to you and your new company.”

John Sanders
Architect, Sanders|Pace Architecture
Knoxville, TN  (Oct. 2012)


“Brex Golf has done an excellent job in allowing golfers to custom build their own putters.  With this new innovation in putter design and superior feel when the ball is coming off the face of the putter, draining more putts has never been easier.”

David Reed
Director of Instruction
Ruggles Ferry Golf Club,
Strawberry Plains, TN  (Sept. 2012)