The purpose creates the machine - Arthur Young

Our purpose in creating the Model BG-1 putter is to help you sink more putts. Our goal is to help you make as many putts as possible – to putt as few times per round as possible.

How can the BG-1 putter help me sink more putts?

First, the BG-1 putter is designed around the patented Half-Pipe alignment system. In short, the purpose of the Half-Pipe is to get you in the perfect putting position by getting your eyes over the ball and to help you start the ball on the intended path.

Second, the BG-1 putter features a modular hosel design that allows you to choose the perfect geometry that suits your eye, feels the best or, simply, helps you sink more putts.

BG-1 features and specifications

Half-Pipe Alignment Aid

The Half-Pipe helps you get setup properly and get your eyes over the ball to maximize your skill in getting the ball started on the intended path (patented alignment system).

BG-1 alignment system ball width

Interchangeable Hosels

The unique modular design allows you to select the hosel that is right for your game. You can replace the hosel in mere minutes using a hex key (Allen wrench) to remove the stainless steel screw from the bottom of the putter.

If you’re not sure which hosel is right for your game, we offer the Model BG-1 Complete Package that includes each of the three hosels so you can test them all and return the one(s) you don’t want.

Model BG-1 hosel options

Model BG-1 Available Hosels:
Face Balanced  |  Straight  |  Full Offset

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