get custom fit at home interchangeable hosel golf putter

Interchangeable Hosels:

A putter’s hosel is the angled part that connects the putter head to the shaft.  It plays a vital role in the way a putter looks at address and the way the toe hangs when the shaft is held horizontally which, in turn, affects feel during the putting stroke.  The Model BG-1 putter is available with three hosels to satisfy the needs of every golfer at any level.

putter interchangeable hosel screwThe hosels are easily swapped out using an Allen wrench to remove the stainless steel 10-32 cap socket screw.

The best hosel for you is a matter of personal preference.  Traditionally, if you feel that you have a “straight back – straight through” stroke (technically not accurate, we know), we recommend the Face Balanced hosel since it doesn’t have as much “toe swing” or “toe weight.”  On the other hand, if you have more of an arced stroke with “toe flow” on your through stroke, you should try either the or Full Offset hosel (more toe hang) or Straight (no offset) hosel (most toe hang).

However, and this is important, ultimately, regardless of the putting stroke you have (or the one you think you have) the best hosel for you is the one that suits your eye or, simply, the one that allows you to sink more putts.

We have discovered over and over during the development of the Model BG-1 putter that a golfer may initially select a putter with a hosel based on what he is currently playing.  After testing each of the three options, however, he may select a different style because it either sets up better and/or it helps him sink more putts.

If you are not sure which hosel is best for your game, we offer the BG-1 Complete Package which allows you to try them all and return the ones that you don’t want … or keep them all for future evaluation.

Model BG-1 modular hosel design

Toe Hang:

Toe Hang is the angle or the amount the toe of the putter head hangs when the shaft is loosely supported horizontally (e.g., on top of two hands or on table edge). The amount it hangs indicates how much swing or “toe flow” you will feel during the putting stroke. This is a subtle sensation during the putting stroke.

BG-1 toe hang - all hosels

Interchangeable Half-Pipe:

The Half-Pipe is the CNC-milled aluminum, patented alignment aid that is attached to the back of the Model BG-1 putter. The Half-Pipe is available in tough anodized black with white paint fill or in white with black paint fill.  The Model BG-1 can be ordered with either Half-Pipe color but the Half-Pipe can also be ordered separately so that you can swap them to dramatically change the look of your putter.  Just note that the paint fill on top of the putter head will be contrasting if you swap Half-Pipe colors but many customers find that they like the look of the contrasting colors (for example, after swapping Half-Pipes:  black paint fill on top of the putter head with white paint fill on top of the black Half-Pipe).

Model BG-1 putter half-pipe options white black