You might have noticed that much of the Brex Golf website is devoted to the unique design features of the putters. The design elements are what make Brex Golf putters look like no other putters on the market but it’s also these design elements that combine to make the Model BG-1 putter one of the best performing putters you’ll use.


Model BG-1 offset hosel white half-pipeThe appearance of a putter is a significant factor in its performance:  if you like the looks of your putter, it will perform better for you. It’s that simple.

The Model BG-1 putter chassis has clean, flowing lines but you’ll also notice the pleasing Half-Pipe alignment aid that is the width of the golf ball which encourages subconscious putter alignment. No distracting, gee whiz design elements here – no wings, no swoops, no flying buttresses – nothing to distract you from putting perfection.


putter soundMany high-end putters are designed to sound quite dead regardless of how well the golf ball was struck. Many golfers prefer that sound. But unlike “dead”-sounding putters that basically sound the same for all putts, the Model BG-1 putter provides outstanding feedback:  center-struck putts give a solid, deep sound while less pure putts let you know you can do better next time.

We have achieved this by a combination of head geometry, soft stainless steel, double face milling, and an internal silicone damping gasket.  Our customers tell us they love the feedback and the sound of the Model BG-1 putter!


putter feelTo paraphrase Duke Ellington, “If it feels good, it is good.” The Model BG-1 putter sets up beautifully, feels well balanced and properly weighted in the hand and the enjoyment of purely striking a golf ball is as good as it gets. The design is exceptional and the look is unique but it’s the feel that might garner the most praise. We hear time and time again, “This putter feels terrific.”

We think that you’ll agree that the performance of the Brex Golf putters is exceptional. And with our generous return policy, there’s absolutely no risk in giving one a try.