A Glowing Endorsement from a Knoxville Legend

Posted by on Nov 15, 2012

I had the real pleasure of hanging out with Mr. John Wylie, former Head Pro at Holston Hills Country Club in Knoxville, TN, and PGA Professional Emeritus,  to demonstrate our new Model BG-1 putter with modular hosel design and patented alignment aid.  Mr. Wylie is a 34-year veteran of golf so he knows the game and the equipment about as well as anyone.

We at Brex Golf talk a lot about the unique design of the modular hosels that enables a golfer to select the one that best suits his/her game and helps them make the most putts. It’s safe to say that most golfers aren’t aware of what type of hosel design works best for them based on their dominant eye alignment, stroke, setup, etc. With our Model BG-1 Complete Package, golfers don’t need to know how all that works. All they have to do is try all three and keep the one that works best for them since we will buy back the other two. Simple.

Back to Mr. Wylie:  he has the reputation of being a straight-shooting gentleman who calls it like he sees it. Well, he was truly impressed with the ability to change out hosels in a matter of moments, saying, “It’s as simple as that?!”  Yes, sir, it is. But what impressed him even more was how nicely the putter sets up, how it feels and how it sounds.

I certainly appreciate the time he spent with me and value his feedback and he was gracious enough to provide a testimonial.

Thank you, Mr. Wylie.


Model BG-1 offset black half-pipe