get your eyes over the ball aim true putter alignment

The first steps to better putting is to get into the proper putting position and the major key to that is to get your eyes over the golf ball at address.  Analysis in our studio of golfers at various skill levels revealed that many are not actually vertically aligned over the golf ball at address despite believing that they are.

The Half-Pipe helps get you in the perfect putting position.

We have solved this problem with a unique, patented (US D581477) alignment system that simply and subconsciously encourages golfers to get their eyes over the golf ball using a center line milled down the center of the Half-Pipe.

When your eyes are perfectly over the ball, the center line is aligned with the center mark of the putter chassis and it appears as a perfectly straight line.  If your eyes are not directly over the top of the putter head, you will see a curved line toward the back of the half-pipe.  Try the Model BG-1 putter and we know you’ll agree that alignment has never been so intuitive, easy, and accurate.

Brex Golf BG-1 patented putter alignment system

In addition to the center alignment feature, the width of the half-pipe is precisely the width of the golf ball so that it is ideally framed and aligned with the target path.

BG-1 putter aligment