What is so special about the patented alignment aid, the “Half-Pipe?”

The patented Half-Pipe promotes the perfect setup position because it encourages the player to get his/her eyes over the ball. The center line in the bottom of the Half-Pipe becomes a perfectly straight line when the eyes are directly over the ball. Additionally, the width of the Half-Pipe is precisely the width of the golf ball so that it is ideally framed and aligned with the target path. (more information: Patented Alignement System)

What do you mean by “completely modular design?”

The design of the Model BG-1 putter allows you to select the hosel (the angled part that attaches the shaft to the head) that gives you the balance and feel that you’re looking for, the lines that suit your eye, or simply the one that helps you sink more putts.  When ordering the Model BG-1 putter, select the perfect hosel for you or, if you’re not certain, you can choose the Model BG-1 Complete Package that includes all three hosels so that you can try them all and either keep them all or return the two that you don’t want (see return policy for more information). Additionally, the patented Half-Pipe comes in white or black.  If you’d like to mix things up and try a different colored Half-Pipe in the future, you can do that, too. (more information: Modular Design)

What are the specifications of the Model BG-1 putter head?

&#8226 Head Weight: 350g (fixed)
&#8226 Loft: 4°
&#8226 Lie Angle: 71°

What materials are used to manufacture the Model BG-1 putter?

The chassis is CNC-milled Stainless Steel while the Half-Pipe is CNC-milled 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum. The BG-1 chassis is satin bead-blasted for a low-glare finish. The Half-Pipe is either painted white or is anodized black, each with contrasting paint fill for excellent alignment visibility.

Does the Model BG-1 putter conform to the USGA Rules of Golf?

Yes, the Model BG-1 putter Conforms with USGA Rules.

Do you offer a center-shafted putter?

The benefits of center-shafted putter are achieved with the Model BG-1 putter configured with a Face Balanced hosel. And what’s better is the face balanced hosel still allows you to see the top of the putter head which improves alignment.

What is your return policy?

As a small manufacturer that sells directly to our customers, Brex Golf understands that it’s difficult to commit to making a putter purchase without first trying one. We get that. So, we will refund the full amount if the putter is returned in new and unused condition within 30 days.

For putters with visible signs of use, we will refund 85% of the purchase price within 30 days. We’ll even pay for return shipping within the 30-day period. We will credit the original form of purchase (credit card or PayPal). All we ask is that you first contact us for a Return Authorization Number.