What do you mean by “completely modular design?”

Posted by on Aug 6, 2013

The design of the Model BG-1 putter allows you to select the hosel (the angled part that attaches the shaft to the head) that gives you the balance and feel that you’re looking for, the lines that suit your eye, or simply the one that helps you sink more putts.  When ordering the Model BG-1 putter, select the perfect hosel for you or, if you’re not certain, you can choose the Model BG-1 Complete Package that includes all three hosels so that you can try them all and either keep them all or return the two that you don’t want (see return policy for more information). Additionally, the patented Half-Pipe comes in white or black.  If you’d like to mix things up and try a different colored Half-Pipe in the future, you can do that, too. (more information: Modular Design)

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