Meditation: Improves Memory and Attention

Posted by on May 7, 2013
MeditationGolf, possibly more than any other sport, requires focused attention with a quiet mind free from distractions. What makes it particularly challenging in golf is the amount of time between shots that can allow a mind to wander, lose focus, and become anxious.

Meditation has proven over and over to improve mindfulness (staying in the present, free from external and internal distractions) which, in turn, improves all aspects of one’s life.

Try it for two weeks and see if your golf game doesn’t improve. Your putting game is likely to benefit the most. This ties in nicely with the philosophy of Putting With Both Sides of the Brain – when you’re able to be mindful and stay focused, getting to the right side of the brain (where you’re peaceful, quiet and artistic) becomes easier and eventually becomes automatic and second nature.

Image: (chez_sugi/flickr)