The Artier Side of Brex Golf

Posted by on Dec 4, 2013

I’ve talked before about how I approach product design as a mix of art and engineering. My website emphasizes the technical aspects of the design elements of the BG-1 putter which give it a tech look but I hope that people can also appreciate the artful lines that are a big part of its design.

Below is a photo of a painting I completed and then built a frame for. I started by assembling horizontal strips of hardboard onto a frame with every other strip offset by a couple of inches. After that I painted the band of background colors that fade from red to dark blue. This created a subtle stair-step effect of the background colors.

I then realigned the hardboard strips and then put layers and layers of contrasting colors mixed with transparent glaze.

The frame was designed to complement the painting, giving it a dark base for the colors to pop. Before assembling the frame components, I stained each piece and then routed the edges to give it some contrasting relief.

I’m hoping to make time to do more of this in 2014.

Brett Burdick painting

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