Adam Scott – Masters Champion – Putts With Both Sides of His Brain.

Posted by on Apr 17, 2013

After a confusing and sour weekend start to the 2013 Masters, the dramatic finish by Angel Cabrera and Adam Scott couldn’t have been more exciting had it been scripted by a Hollywood screenwriter. Adam Scott’s clutch putts on the 72nd hole and the second playoff hole will likely go down as the most important and impressive of his career.

I’ve posted before and created a page on our site discussing the philosophy of Putting With The Both Sides of Your Brain.

The left side of your brain is the critical thinking side: it’s where the linear and analytical thoughts happen. It’s where your evaluation of the green happens and where you plan the ball’s path to the hole, how hard to hit it and what line to start it on.

The right side of your brain is where you find peace. It’s where you are most creative and most intuitive.

I feel that when you putt, you should make all the technical decisions about the putt prior to addressing the ball. But when you stand over the ball, let all of that go – get quiet, get peaceful, and let your intuition take over and make the putt.

In Adam Scott’s post-playoff interview with Tom Rinaldi , he echoes this putting philosophy. When asked about the putt on the 72nd hole (around the 0:40 mark), Adam says, “I’m just gonna go on instinct.” And again when asked about the final putt on the second playoff hole (around 2:20), he says, “I tried to not get too bogged down in thought. Once I had the line… I just thought, ‘Go with instinct.'”

That’s the essence of Putting with Both Sides of Your Brain.

When you have a putter in your hands that has been fitted BY YOU on your own course using our Model BG-1 Complete Package, that transition to the right side of your brain will be effortless since you won’t be engaged in technical thought. The putter will fit your stroke and your eye and the alignment will be intuitive and simple.


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