About-dot-com Review of Model BG-1 Complete Package

Posted by on Mar 25, 2013

About.com Review of Model BG-1 Complete Package

Brex Golf got our first review of the Model BG-1 putter and Complete Package by About.com’s equipment reviewer, Todd Berman. Mr. Berman did a fine job of capturing the key design benefits of the Model BG-1 putter including the modular hosel design and the patented Half-Pipe alignment aid. One element that we’re particularly happy with is his description of Putting With Both Sides of Your Brain which is our concept of analyzing the putting conditions with the left brain and then letting that go and executing the putt with your right brain which is where your intuition and creativity reside.

We’d like to comment on one of his cons where he notes that the BG-1 head “Could possibly use more rearward weight.” Actually, the Model BG-1 putter’s center-of-gravity is nearly exactly where it would be if it were a traditional Anser-style blade putter, but with a slightly higher moment-of-inertia.

As Mr. Berman noted, with the Model BG-1 Complete Package, it’s now possible for you to get perfectly fitted… by yourself at home. Try each hosel, roll a few balls, and eventually you’ll settle on the hosel that works best for you.

About.com’s review of the Model BG-1 Complete Package

About.com Model BG-1 Complete Package Review - March 2013